Baby Gear Talk

Every mom has their own go-to products and methods. I’m no different (duh!). I was talking to my therapist, who is due today. She is expecting her second child. When she told me I’m an inspiration to her and that I should start a blog, I was surprised. I thought I’d start this site off by talking about some of the things that keep me sane on a good day.

First of all, we all travel with our kids. We go to the store, we go to the bank, we go to the pediatrician, we go to grandma’s house (sometimes grudgingly, in my case), and so on. We go—all the time.

Here is my top ten must-haves for mothers of two, especially two under 2:

1. Two diaper bags—one large, one small. What I really mean when I say this is one average-sized one (you know, the opposite of a rollaway suitcase) and a small tote. The latter I will illustrate. I only spent $9.99 on it, and it’s a life saver.

Small bags are for quick trips, like running to the store for cereal and bagels. All you need are diapers (in my case, size 3 Swaddlers and size 5 Huggies Slip-Ons), a change of clothes for the baby (since A2 spits up all the time), a burp cloth, and travel changer (containing wipes and the aforementioned diapers. I will elaborate shortly). Why the small bag? Let me be honest—it’s a pain in the ass to tote my giant sparkly Kalencom bag around all the time. When A1 was an infant, I used to over pack the thing to the point where it couldn’t close. Don’t do this. It will freak you out and overwhelm you. Trust me. Plus, if you didn’t get a chance to organize with the first kid, you will with the second. It’s mandatory. I don’t mean to scare you. You can do it. Save Le Grand Sac for longer trips, like family visits. Chances are, all the crap you lug in there will be necessary. Strategy (or, as I once heard someone say, strategery—it may have been George H.W. Bush) is required with some types of bags.
2. A travel changer. I got one of these at my shower. They are great. Why? Because you will discover some establishments forget that parents don’t change diapers in mid-air. We were visiting my parents, who live in the Outer Banks. On the way there, we stopped in Fauquier, Virginia, at a gas station. The bathroom was—I kid you not—at least 3×3. My feet were pressed up against the toilet and I had A1 underneath the sink. I could barely fit. It was a nightmare. I put her on the travel changer, and voila! there’s a place for her. Secondly, some places do have a changing table, but it’s gross. So dirty and germy-looking, you wouldn’t put your child on it. Finally, it holds your wipes and diapers. You can’t beat that with a stick, especially if there aren’t many small pockets in your diaper bag to start!
2. The Pack ‘N’ Play. People (like me) on BabyCenter (or BBC…get ready for the acronyms!) refer to this as a PnP, and obviously they are quite nice. Haha! We also use ours as a makeshift baby gate for A1, so she doesn’t take off and run into the kitchen. It can triple as toy storage as well (although it’s not the greatest form of organization). If you get the bassinet feature and actually get to use it, that’s a bonus. Both kids started rolling by the time I got close to evening considering it, so maybe when A2 is sleeping at the family reunion this summer (under my watchful eye, of course), I will give it a shot.



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