My Favorite Baby and Toddler Items

This is it! The best ever, the must-haves, the cream of the crop. Dig it!
These are in no particular order. I thought I could do a top ten, but bullets shall suffice for now.

*A top-cradle swing. Thank you, Fisher-Price. We have the Rainforest one. This is how you entertain a baby when your toddler is napping, or, for first-time moms (FTMs) how to get things done with your baby nearby. You can change the swing’s direction with a click of the seat. The songs are cute, and the nature sounds are relaxing. Did I mention the colorful mobile with the frog, monkey, moving leaves, and other Amazonian wonders? Bam!
* A travel system. Mine is the Graco Spree. We didn’t know we were having A2 so soon after A1, so we only have a single one. This is great for an infant. You put them in the car seat, go for a ride, and then snap them into the stroller.
*A baby carrier. Because of reasons given in #9, I wear A2. This is great when you go to stores like TJ Maxx (which is one of my favorites) and Kohl’s, who don’t have kid-friendly carts. Mine is a Infantino.
*The cart caddy. Great for wet seats on carts, gross carts, and cold carts in the winter. Enough said!
*MAM pacifiers, or binkies, as we call them. Cute designs, orthodontic, and great for pacifier-long babies, like A1.
* Similac diaper organizers. The hospital gave me these for free. I use them for both kids. Score!
*Freezer packs for EBM, snacks, bottles, and baby food. Genius! Also, formula companies’ bottle totes.
*SNAPPIES! Frozen or cold EBM, they are fantastic. They can also attach to some pumps.
*Medela products—Nursing pads, bottles, storage labeling system, the freezer bags. These are the best!
*The Pump-in-Style Advanced. Possibly the best pump ever. Whether you work or you’re a SAHM, it is compatible. You can buy an adapter and pump in the car. You can use a hands-free pumping bra with it. Double expression allows you to pump in 10-15 minutes. One port can be blocked for single expression.
*The Boppy. I love it. I use it to nurse. I hang out on our reclining couch, watch TV, listen to music, and bond with the baby. If A1 is up running around, Soundgarden’s newest album, King Animal, is blasting by request. A1 can also crawl up on the couch and sit with me while A2 snacks.
*My Brest Friend. My LC let me try it when I visited with A1. It’s great for women of petite stature with large breasts. Moms who prefer something sturdier than the Boppy should give this a try. Both work very well, though.
*Nursing pillow covers. Very smart. They save you trips to the laundry, and you can make your own. My mom is the seamstress, though, not me. I can do everything BUT sew.
*Thicker burp cloths. My aunt gave me these. They are excellent. You use any fabric and towel of your choice. Template here:
*Plastic bibs, especially ones with pockets. Less time spent washing those things.
*Nuk bottles for babies with small mouths. A2 really took a liking to these. I really appreciate their flow system. There are two 0+ nipples—one slow flow, and one medium flow, in case you need to add cereal. The orthodontic shape mimics a real nipple, so that is even smarter.
*The Avent bottle brush. The hard plastic blue one. I tried a Munchkin one with the spongy material at the bottom, and it fell apart. The Avent one held up.
*Pampers Sensitive Wipes. It’s relative when it comes to wipes, but I like these. A1 has eczema. This is what works on her skin.
*Pampers Swaddlers, Baby Dry, and Cruisers diapers for babies. Great leak protection. I like the indicator on Swaddlers for new moms, especially when the baby pees.
*Huggies Slip-On diapers for toddlers. Short diaper changes with toddlers are a must when you have a baby.
*Summer Infant changing pad for changing table. Contoured, has great restraint straps for rolling babies.
*Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for diaper rash. It heals and acts as a barrier cream.
*Munchkin sippy cups (the standard kind, not the click-lock) and Nuby sippy cups. Both shown here:


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