What I Know About Nos

I feel like this with A1 sometimes, and I ask myself, “Do I say the ‘N’ word too much?”

Mom in the Muddle

I tell myself that it’s parenting but sometimes it feels more like I’m getting away with the thing I’m telling my kid not to do.

“You’re not good at taking no for an answer,” I huff.

“I don’t care!”

“Well I do! And that’s the end of it!”

That was our good-bye this morning. No head buried in my chest for a quick hug. No fingers through hair for a quick fix. No I-love-yous. To anyone. Because my son was so intent on taking five books to school and I was so intent on telling him no. We argued about something neither of us was willing to give in to. I could see the stupidity of it as soon as he walked out the door and what-ifs began racing through my mind. In the quiet morning, I felt too dumb to run out in my pajamas and say, “I love…

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2 thoughts on “What I Know About Nos

    • Sure! My oldest isn’t at the asking stage, but she constantly snatches things. She’ll be two in July. I find myself saying “No” every five seconds sometimes. We always need a reminder to pick our battles. It’s tough, especially in the heat of the moment, when you think that specific incident is a big deal.

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