I’ll Fly With You

A1 is still on strike. She makes the teamsters look mute. I’m currently (don’t add me to the sequel of Shitty Mom) drowning out her screams with Gigi D’Agostino. Perhaps I should try a reward method, and venture to Walmart for a cool, new, (inexpensive) toy. Unfortunately, I am still in my dachshund pajamas. I know that is a fashion trend at Walmart, but people we know shop there. The last thing I need is my husband’s ninth graders or colleagues making fun of my wiener dogs. I tried to put my headphones on, but they suck, and apparently the audio keeps cutting out. Turning up my iPhone while I blog is the only option right now. I was hoping for a nap, and an opportunity to change. I admit I feel guilty not getting dressed before three or four in the afternoon most days, but at least I’ve had a few fashionable ones to make up for this.


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