Product Review–Safety First booster seat

We tried the booster seat this morning. A1 wasn’t Elmo-excited about it, but she sat there, just as she did at Bob Evans.

First of all, I love lime green. You can’t go wrong with neon colors. I’m not sure if it’s an AD(H)Der thing or a ’90s skateboard era throwback, but I gravitate toward fluorescent colors. The restraint straps are excellent, and easy to install/wash. Those qualities are a big deal. Toddlers make messes, all day long. Even the picnic ants know. We finally got rid of those little bastards after two weeks and three colony relocations (in three different rooms. Thanks, ants). It fits well on our kitchen chair, and since we live in a ranch home, space saving is of utmost importance. We will be getting a deacon’s bench to convert the eating area into a banquette for both kids. The Fisher-Price Space Saver high chair will reappear from lurkdom around that time for A2. A1 is still crying. Time to avert disaster!

Booster photo to follow later.


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