I love my kids—don’t get me wrong, BUT—there is something that invokes high levels of annoyance after years of doing “adult” things or not picturing some of the more repetitive, curious behaviors. Really, HOW many times does A1 have to ascend and descend the neighbors’ porch steps in an hour? Apparently plenty. She is in the swing on their swing set (we don’t currently have one) for two minutes, then it’s “Ow! Ow! Ow!” (Out, out, out)
“Do you want out?” I ask.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she says sweetly, sometimes accompanied by nodding. She runs to the slide and tries to climb up. “Uh! Uh!” This part is gravy to me.

Then, as aforementioned, there’s this pacifier dilemma. She found the defaced MAM I gave her at nap time yesterday. She STILL sucks on the darn thing, and there is NO SUCTION! She is quieter, but now that she is talking, and my annoying illustrious (gag!) MIL thinks she can’t. She just HAD to go to my aunt-in-law (AIL) for validation about A1 not speaking in front of her. I don’t know, MIL, it is perhaps because you are annoying and overbearing? She also thinks niece M is the greatest toddler on earth. She even brags about her behaving badly or being sick. She even laughs at her mischievousness. Dumbass Ridiculous!

Daddy J and I are going out to dinner with my regifted Applebee’s gift card from Mother’s Day. I’ll be sure to have a drink on me. LOL! Well, my I’m almost done pumping, so it’s time to fraternize with the crazy bitch MIL and hubby. Peace!


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