Good Days and Closeness

SIL was at a rehearsal dinner until 10 (she is Miss Popular, and is in all of her high school friends’ weddings. She graduated 11 years ago, just like me). MIL was watching M. She called Daddy J to ask if it was ok for the two of them to come over. Why the hell not, I thought. I just woke up from a nap (thanks to A2’s teething, I was up until 3:30 and then awoken again at 6:30), and headed into the shower. MIL and M arrived when I shut the door. I enjoyed my Herbal Essences time and departed.

The kids played together. M likes A2’s (formerly A1’s) Rainforest Top-Cradle swing. She pushed it, even when the baby wasn’t inside. M played very well with me, and decently well with A1. She is a little bossy, but she is simply parroting all the phrases she hears at daycare. “I need that!” No, kid. You don’t really need the toy alligator that was actually meant for A2. I’m your aunt, so I’ll play.

MIL enjoyed the kids. Like my interim therapist said, she needs some early childhood development classes. Asking a 22.5-month-old to go over and ask a 2-year-old for permission to use her own a toy is stupid unrealistic.

Damn Go Fish for getting their music stuck in my head! I played it for M a million times, and at one point, I was nursing A2 while M was sitting on my left side and A1 was on my right. I felt hardcore for being able to handle three kids at once.


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