Product Review: Breastform Mi Pump

Shortly after A1 was born, M was two months old, and my SIL, also J, eschewed breastfeeding long before (M was two days old and her milk hadn’t come in, so she gave up). She was kind enough, however, to give me her remaining Medela nursing pads (thumbs up!) and let me borrow her Mi Pump.

I tried the pump. It works, but I had to put it on level 5 before I could express any milk. Furthermore it hurts (did I mention how important getting fitted is?). It turns out the flanges were too small.

It is LOUD…the whir and click that you hear is pretty damn annoying. I bought my PISA a month later and returned this to SIL, thanking her for her generosity.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rank this a 3.5. At least it comes with a nice carrying bag and one of the best (according to other EBFing and pumping moms) nipple tips for breast-to-bottle feeding.

Here it is:



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