I Think She Hates Food…and Language

A1 is the pickiest damn eater on the planet. Seriously. I realize all toddlers are picky, but even when I try to avoid it, I end up in all-out warfare with her at the table.

She basically hates everything except blueberries, bananas, all junk food, Chocolate Chex, apples, string cheese, yogurt and milk. She hates any vegetable except carrots. If I had a white flag to wave, I would.

Couple that with the battle of trying to figure out what she wants and being pressured by your own mother/past conversations your SIL initiates with your friends, and it’s a lovely recipe for stress. It’s hard to take care of my kids with all that head noise. I really wish everyone would shut up, and that I’d stop caring about what SIL, MIL, and company said.



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