Silent Stalkings: Viral Edition

Two nights ago, I was hit with the mini-virus from hell. I went to bed at 3 am after nursing A2. Then, at 4:30 am, it hit me. Nausea, clamminess, and eventually, a stomachache. From the feeling of it, I figured it was intestinal fortitude. It was at first. Then, without warning, I got chills, and my teeth began to chatter. I switched positions and eventually threw up.

Vomiting is horrible. You literally feel the energy being siphoned out of your body. I went from .5 to nothing on the energy scale that day. A2 ended up co-sleeping in our bed, something that never happens (we tried it with A1 in a bassinet when she was a baby, and she was a horribly noisy sleeper. Newborns are such grunt-y things).

After more chills and more diarrhea, Daddy J asked me if I wanted MIL to come over or for him to stay home from work. I opted for the former. He did, and performed well.

He did bottle feedings with A2’s pumped milk and fed A1 lunch/breakfast. He made pasta with vodka sauce for dinner. I had no complaints, and got sleep for the first time in six months, once I stopped feeling like crap.

Today, I have recovered. The As and I will be attending a friend’s bridal shower in eastern Ohio. The gift is purchased and set up, and both diaper bags are ready to go. All I must do is choose.


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