Going Silver

Why, yes, I am going to take some time to make a tribute to myself.

When A1 was a baby, I breastfed her only four months. She had severe reflux and lost a few ounces. At a year old, she weighed 18 lbs. ( A2 is six months and 16 pounds, just to give you an idea) She was in the 5th percentile for most of her infancy. She is now 36″ and 23 lbs. She is thriving, talking, and smart as a whip. I had to switch to formula when she lost weight. I made a swift decision that I felt would maintain her bill of health.

I am proud to say I’m still nursing A2. We have a happy, relaxed nursing relationship. I can actually enjoy nursing her, instead of stressing out about work, my broken arm, and first time parenting. She is in the 60th percentile, which is a pretty damn big deal. She is a happy, bubbly girl who likes to laugh and smile at her family members.

According to BabyCenter, I have earned my silver boobs!!! Woo hoo!


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