Must-Haves For First-Time and Expectant Moms

A2 was born six months ago, so I wanted a fresh topic for all of you. Dads, you can pass this along for your wives (they will thank you later).

1. Morning sickness relief. This can vary. Peanut butter worked when I had A1. Ginger ale is fabulous, and worked for me both times. The best product I recommend? B-Natals. Sour apple or green flavored, they are B-vitamin packed lozenges (they taste like Jolly Ranchers) that get rid of that queasy feeling in your stomach.
2. Bubble baths. I don’t care how far along you are. This is a must for a variety of reasons. My biggest ones were pelvic girdle syndrome and back pain.
3. A body pillow. Your whole self will thank you, for sure. It doesn’t have to be Boppy brand or anything else expensive. I just bought one at Walmart, and was all set.
4. A prenatal massage. I wish I would have done this the first time around! It will take your back straight out of hell. Make sure your masseuse (or masseur) specializes in prenatal massage. According to my masseuse, doing traditional massage (lying on your stomach) before the second trimester can cause miscarriage. I had mine done at 36 weeks. Good deal.

After delivery:

1. Benzocaine. If the hospital gives you this spray for an episiotomy or a tear, take it. Just don’t spray it into the vagina. If you do this by accident, wash it out immediately.
2. Tucks pads. If you run out at the hospital, get the huge container of 100 or so at the drug store. They are great.
3. If you breastfeed, get a Boppy or My Brest Friend pillow. Save your back. Don’t be a martyr and put up with the pain while you nurse. It sucks if you do.
4. Tea bags for FTM, EBF moms. Your nipples will thank you. Make sure it’s caffeinated tea. The end.
5. Bio-Oil. This stuff works. I am still using it.
6. Lansinoh nipple cream. It goes on thick.
7. Breast shells. Medela and Ameda make nice ones. Ask your LC.
8. The Fisher Price Soothe ‘N’ Glow Seahorse. Such a cute little thing! A definite throwback to Glow Worms (again, showing my age here). A1 still loves hers. You can choose from pink and blue.

I’m sure there are more, but those are the biggest items I can remember. What do you guys recommend?


2 thoughts on “Must-Haves For First-Time and Expectant Moms

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your list! I couldn’t live without the benzocaine and tucks after having my babies! I also recommend asking the nurses for a few extra ice packs to take home!

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