Nice Things Jar

This is my next side project for myself! I need it.

Project Light to Life


My “Nice Things” jar.


Write at least one nice thing that happened to me everyday for a year and put it in a jar:

Although I haven’t completed this bucket list item yet, I figured I should write about it in case anyone wants to start one of these jars at the halfway-through-the-year-mark. I stole this idea from a Facebook post and loved it. Here is the concept:

Starting on New Years (when I started my jar) or whenever really, write down one nice thing that happened to you each day, then put the pieces of paper in a jar. You cannot look at what you wrote until the end of the year, but then you’re allowed to read everything.

Like the gratitude journal  I wrote about in a previous post, I have found this exercise so rewarding and a lot of fun. I twisted the rules a…

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