Fear of the Potty

A1 is now afraid to be placed on the potty. Daddy J says I should just let her play and not hover over her so much. That’s just how I am. Sometimes I wonder if my ILs think I’m this crazy helicopter mom. M pretty much wanders around her house, so I was hoping my approach was the happy medium. I’m not sure I should be crushed about this.

Now it’s back to training pants and waiting until she is comfortable. This is what’s difficult about having two small children: you’ve gotten through the infant stage and not completely through the toddler one, so the margin for error is higher.

I know all the moms on BabyCenter’s Nuts and Bolts of Potty Training say that you shouldn’t use Pull-Ups, but I wanted to save my sanity and my floor.

It’s time to feed the A’s their breakfast. Adios!


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