Product Review: You! Lingerie Nursing Bras

Earlier this year, I decided to splurge on a You! Lingerie nursing bra. It was from the Basically You collection. I love the fact that it’s a neutral color combined with bright orange,one of my favorites, beneath a lace overlay. You also can’t beat the support—we’ve all worn the run-of-the-mill wire-free versions from department stores. This is the first wire-free bra I’ve ever worn with supportive cups. I actually regain some of the lift I’ve lost when I wear it (we all know what pregnancy can do to the body—a slight decrease in gravity!).

This is a very comfortable bra that can be worn with a variety of shirts and dresses. The hooks can be unhooked and refastened with one hand, which is always the most important feature in my book.

What would I change about this product? Nothing. In fact, I’m ready to see what else they release. I think the Isis Blue bra is gorgeous. In fact, I may even order that one next.

What I would suggest to You! Lingerie is the idea of a convertible strapless bra, just like the non-nursing version we all know. Keep the same great features with extra support at the bottom, of course, to prevent slippage. I have a strapless nursing bra from the La Leche League. It works well for nursing, but shows in low-backed dresses and some v-neck tops. I’d love to have the same silhouette that a regular strapless bra gives me.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this one’s a ten. I think this can definitely make all us want to “put a pink bow on it!”


Photo Credit: You! Lingerie Facebook page.

My photo to follow!


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