Reasons Why My Child Is Crying: A1 Edition

We all get it: Toddlers cry and throw tantrums over just about anything. Sometimes, I need to laugh, so I excuse myself to the bathroom or master bedroom to let out a guffaw. I know that it’s serious business for a kid, but sometimes the scenarios play out like an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Here are a few reasons why A1 is crying:

1. Her doll won’t sit on its accompanying toy potty .
2. She dropped the aspirator on the floor…again.
3. A crayon fell off the table.
4. I offered to take her fork and help her get that stubborn piece of waffle.
5. A2 is getting baby food, which is so much tastier than her fare, because Sister is eating it.
6. She had to leave her Little Tikes Cozy Coupe to get out of the 94 degree weather. A mean old mom am I.
7. Her blanket fell on the floor, got stuck in the crib, or wasn’t given to her on time.
8. I wouldn’t let her brush her teeth first.
9. It was time to put the Crayola spill-proof water colors away, because dinner was on the table.
10. She wanted me to put her shoes on.


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