The Teething Monster

This isn’t my first rodeo with teething. A1 just finished a few months ago. She only has one more set of molars to go.

A2 has been teething since she was three months old. She will be 7 months tomorrow. She had the swollen gums for at least a week. I kept looking for a lump or a patch of white. She’s been up several times. Finally, I saw it last night: the tooth.

She has had a virus so far, and a slight cough. I never knew if it was the AC or teething. The AAP and some parents say that fevers caused by teething are a myth. I think it is a catalyst for them. No sleep=a weakened immune system. They aren’t sleeping, because they are teething.

Daddy J tells me that his eyes pop open whenever she cries, so he’s had the same amount of sleep as me. Well, he can fall back asleep if he wants, until it’s time to go to work. There’s only a slight difference there.

I had my MIL take A1 to VBS. A2 screaming the entire time she was gone, and now I’m out of Orajel. I hate to say it, but now I see why old school parents gave kids whiskey. I think they just couldn’t take it anymore, and wanted them to shut up. That’s not my practice, but right now, this big kid wants some Jack and Coke to fall asleep. Score.


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