Placating the Teething Baby

There are all sorts of ways to soothe a teething baby. Some of these, you may have seen; others, maybe not. Here’s what I’ve done:

1. Use frozen BM or baby food. Breast milk is easy to freeze, and most EBFing moms have had to save EBM. I use Vital Baby brand pots, which have a flexible bottom that allows you to quickly extract the frozen block of chosen food. Baby food only lasts so many days (2-3 usually), and this is a great way to save it. I use one ounce cubes, and hold it up for A2 to gnaw. When I use either for teething, I wait for it to melt while I give it to the baby, and then stick it in one of Munchkin’s mesh bags.
2. Orajel. I don’t care what anyone says. This is the stuff that works. I tried Hyland’s, and was disappointed. A1 was, too.
3. Tylenol for extreme pain.
4. Cold teethers. I refrigerate them. Frozen ones give the small fries too much of a brain freeze.
5. Popsicles for toddlers. Any of the fruit variety will do. It’s a bonus if they’re yogurt pops, which kids love.
6. A sippy cup with freezing cold water. A handful of ice is good enough, plus it will keep it cold when it melts. I recommend this for 6 months and up.


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