Don’t Sleep, Just Drive the Car

This week has been great—don’t get me wrong. We had fun at VBS, and so did A1. Unfortunately, A2 was still awake several times last night, and our basement renovation resumed this morning at 7 a.m. sharp. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

I am not a morning person, but have adjusted for the kids (such is life). Sleep deprivation isn’t the best thing for anxiety, depression, or PPD. It makes me wish I could Velcro A1’s toys to the table, so she doesn’t throw a fit every time one falls on the ground, and make her understand that no, I will not share Sister’s food with her while she ignores her own.

Daddy J and my uncle-in-law (UIL), Uncle J, are the supervisors/foremen for this project; the first phase of which involves shelving. They are constructing 2×2 foot shelves to hold our 16-18 gallon storage bins. This will be convenient when it is done—fully finished and quiet down there.

Running drills and pounding hammers aren’t lullabies for toddlers. I moved A1 to our room in the PnP, and she is still awake. A2, however, fell asleep an hour ago, and I will awaken her in a little while. I think I will push her to an hour and a half nap, so I can maybe get some rest myself. We’ll see about that.

Noise absolutely pisses me off when I’m tired. When we have contractors over here, and I wake up to hammering, my first thought is, Man, I can’t wait until they leave. Build quickly, guys! I’ll enjoy the finished product when I get some sleep.


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