Go the $&@! to Sleep

There are some moms (usually grandmothers) who make a big deal out of a baby not sleeping through the night (STTN), as if it’s the parents’ fault. It’s not.

They say, “Give them a bottle”, or “Put cereal in their bottle.” This has only worked 50% of the time with A2.

She started teething at 3 months. As you know, the first tooth has broken through. Waking up in the middle of the night comes with the territory. She is up three times a night—once at 11, once at 1, and once at 3/4:30. Part of me is tired of this shit. My first child STTN at four weeks. What gives?

I’ve started to use a nap schedule, and had success today. A1 used to be put down three times a day for an hour per nap. Now, she takes one three hour nap.

I always have at least one child with me. This would be fine if I had a good night’s sleep, but I usually reach the point where I say to myself, “Ok, enough. They need to nap, so I can nap.” I usually end up net surfing on my phone or watching TV, because I’m a zombie.

I can see why the book “Go the F—- to Sleep” was written. I think this is the battle cry of exhausted, exasperated parents. I think it’s a plea for sanity, which would make all of us parents lose sight of what really matters.

Then we pray for the strength to go on, because you have to peel yourself from your mattress the next morning, the first cup of coffee and excitement for your toddler’s activities fueling the day. This holds true until 2:30 or 3. Five Hour Energy wasn’t kidding; this feeling is real.

It is important to remain optimistic while looking through the bleary-eyed lens (or lenses, since my contacts can get pretty dry if I sleep in them on occasion!). I love my kids enough to keep going. They need the care.

A2 has passed out in the swing. Other than the chimes it plays, I hear nothing. This is as close to quiet as it gets, and sleep sounds like a great idea about now…


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