Ow! Waaaaaaaaaah!


We went to my in-laws’ annual family reunion with the kids yesterday. We stayed for two hours, then went home. A1 took a nap, and then all hell broke loose.

She was quivering and burning hot when she woke up. She took three blankets to bed, which didn’t help. Daddy J was the one to rouse her and alert me.

I immediately put her in the tub and sat behind her. We played bible songs (VBS) for her. She kept shivering and saying “Ow!” Daddy J suggested we give her a bottle. I told him it would be better to give her water or Pedialyte. She drinks 12 ounces, and then projectile vomits into the water. This is not my idea of a milk bath.

Calgon, take me away. Please.
He takes her out, and I quickly wash my legs. My MIL comes over with food from the reunion, and we tell her about A1’s condition. Oh, and did I mention Daddy J hurt his back building supports for a shelf in the basement? Fabulous.
Anyway, we gave her Tylenol to help with the pain, and take her rectal temp. 103.4. Something is wrong.

I left the baby with them to buy Pedialyte and Pediasure. I return, and then give her the Pedialyte. I take her temp again, and it’s 99.7. She is back to her normal self, but every time she pees, she screams “OW!” and cries.

I called the pediatrician, and they want us to come today at 2 pm. I hope I don’t get the physician’s assistant. I hate them. Their theoretical diagnoses piss me off. I want to see the doctor. I want facts.

A2 is still teething and screaming every time she cannot creep forward, the chubby little thing.

Now I need to take A1’s temperature again. It’s all for the best.

—Image taken from somethingturquoisewedding.com


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