An Open Letter to My Body

Dear Crapeas Corpus,

Now is not the time to get sick, nor is it ever, if I can help it. I can’t have diarrhea and take care of two kids. I can’t have a headache and feel like walking death, either. Please cease and desist. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ this.

You must lay down until Daddy J has to mow the lawn, which is a one or two hour affair. Then it’s time to clean the nurseries. That laundry won’t sort itself, either. Time to get better and get it in gear.

Let’s do it to it!


The Brain


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Body

    • Thanks! I’ve never been ill as often as I have since these kids were born. I still love them anyway. Unfortunately, the list will always be long, despite the condition of my immune system. 😜

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