Product Review: NUBY Grow With Me Sippy Cup

My MIL came over yesterday, and asked us if we wanted this sippy. I figured I’d try it, and if A2 disapproved, I would give it to another mom.

It’s yellow, which a cute color for a girl. I like the concept of transitioning spouts by age. A2 wasn’t thrilled, unfortunately. She chewed on the spout most of the time.

The first spout is, essentially, a nipple with a wider hole. She gave that the biggest chew. The second is your standard Nuby spout. She could get some BM out, but she mostly let it run down her face.

I can’t really give anything a poor rating, because babies are picky about bottles and sippy cups.

I will give this product a 7 out of 10.

—The yellow one in the back is the one we have. Image taken from


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