Thoughts from a man: Don’t make fun of a pregnant woman’s belly

Applause for this man! Women, do not put up with these comments. Stand up for yourself, and men, stand by your women!

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Thoughts from a man: Don't make fun of a pregnant woman's belly

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Okay, so you’re probably wondering how a man knows anything about having a pregnant belly. Well, let me tell you what happened today and you be the judge 🙂

So, I have this friend, let’s call her Beth (not her real name). Beth is in her late 30s and is 4 months pregnant with her third child. She is clearly showing baby bump now. I’ll explain why that’s relevant to the story in the next paragraphs.

Occasionally Beth likes to go for an ice cream. Today she told me about earlier in the week. I wasn’t there, but she told me about when she went to get a treat at her favorite spot. Beth tells me that immediately as she enters the restaurant she sees the two men behind the counter snickering and laughing to each other.

The men who clearly look over 30 years old, covered it…

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