The Things I Will/Won’t Miss: 2As Edition

I took the As to the store to pick up a few things. Normally, this isn’t a big deal, but today, A1 decides to 1) Open her cup of Ritz crackers herself 2) Throw them all over the floor and 3) Scream and flip about the ones that were still stuck in the cart. Embarrassing.

I left the store after using a self-scan register, and ran into one of my ex-coworkers. I was in mid-dash, just trying to exit the store as quickly as possible. She asked how I was doing. “Ok, I guess,” in that well, obviously not tone. She asked if everything was all right. I gestured to A1, telling her that my toddler was terrible in the store, and retelling the cracker story. “It sucks,” I said, desperate for a moment to regroup. She laughed. You know, that knowing laugh of a BTDT mom. One who now wears the “grandma” badge. “Oh, I shouldn’t laugh, but you’re very right.”

Yesterday, I took the As to a local festival to see what A1 refers to as “wireworks” (fireworks). It was a great night. “Bye bye, wireworks,” she said after the show. Then, I put the kids in the car. They proceeded to scream, emitting that shrill, wild animal sound that drives you mad. I have never sung “Michael, Row The Boat Ashore” aloud, but it was I could do in a traffic jam, so I would scream at them or want to shoot myself.

All of this has inspired this post, so here it is: the good, bad, and the ugly of raising two small children.

Things I Will Miss:

1. The first smile.
2. The first time they say “Mama.”
3. The baby laugh.
4. The inventive, funny phrases of a toddler.
5. The times they fall asleep in my arms when they are sick or teething.
6. Picking out their clothes.
7. Picking out hair bows.
8. Their small size.
9. Some of their toys.
10. Nursing. The milk drunk smile, the “boob in the mouth” smile, watching A2 grab my shirt. Snuggling on the couch with her.
11. Being able to share a seat on the couch with both kids.
12. The random hugs and kisses A1 gives me (and eventually A1’s).
13. The joy and ease of an immobile baby. You know, before the crawling stage.
14. Cute toddler mispronunciations.
15. Being the center of their universe.
16. All the little kids’ playground equipment.
I’m sure there are more, and I will add them.
Things I won’t miss:
1. Changing diapers, especially A1’s.
2. Spit up on my clothes.
3. Tantrums.

I still love them anyway. 😉

A1 colors at the table with Mama.

A2 enjoys chewing on a book!


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