My Adventures in Fluff

My cloth diapers, aka “fluffy mail” started arriving a few days ago. My grand total so far is seven.


Ladies and gentlemen, the first batch!

So far, I have seven diapers. They are pockets, hybrids, and PUL covers. I also have prefolds that didn’t cost me a dime. How? Refer yourself to this video:

I actually don’t fold mine into thirds, but it still works. A2 is what they call a “heavy wetter”, so I put an insert in the body of the shirt where her legs would be. I have diaper pins from my baby shower, so I’ve been using those until my Snappi arrives. If you haven’t seen one, it is an ingenious device created by Bummis, a Scottish cloth diaper company. It is Y shaped (as seen in the above video), and can be stretched to fit various types of prefold material (including my old Aeropostale t-shirts). Each side features grips that adhere to the material, allowing the diaper to stay closed beneath a PUL cover.

I think prefolds are great for daytime use at home. I thought they would be the hardest diapering style to use, but I was proven wrong yesterday. Once you get the diaper secure, it’s a snap—or an aplix hook and loop, depending on the closure.

My first cover is a Tots Bots aplix with a PUL outer. It was formally an all-in-one, but I will elaborate on this later. I used long and short sleeved shirts for this, and nothing has leaked. When I didn’t have any clean inserts, I put a Gerber diaper cover over it, just like my mom did back in the day. It worked!

Hybrids are fabulous for nighttime use. The petal soaker (double-quadruple thickness) is great–no leaks! If it’s dry enough in the morning or after a nap, I can remove the insert and add a new one! Super convenient! If we have an A3 (we’re still deciding), I will exclusively cloth diaper that baby. (When A2 is A1’s age, we’ll know.)

Pocket diapers work well. Many of these already have a PUL outer, and in some cases, like Lovely Pocket Brand, already come with a microfiber insert. If it’s not soaked through, just toss it in the laundry and grab another! Easy peasy.

I will be doing a product review of all the diapers I have purchased thus for, so keep your eyes peeled for these! Until we fluff again!

❤️ Mama J


Gettin’ Crunchy

No, I’m not eating granola right now (although I do).

This mama is gettin’ crunchy.

My brother and I, as I may have mentioned, were born in the early 80s. Like many awesome 80s kids, we were cloth diapered. My parents lived in eastern Pennsylvania, and a diaper service came to our house. Prefolds were the only choice back then. My mother had all sorts of pins. She told me each liner came freshly deodorized and pins were even themed at times. Disposable
diapers weren’t as reliable as they were today, and my mother never used them unless they were traveling. Pampers used to leak, which is pretty shocking, considered both my babies wore them until the started to really flip around. Then, it was Huggies, and eventually for A1, the famous Pull-Ups.

Cloth diapering is making a comeback. It’s economical, better for diaper rash, greener, and fashionable. Some of these diapers are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Now, all someone has to do is put Elmo on some trainers for A1, and we’re in business.

Gone are the days of using traditional pins. Many pocket diapers have snap or hook closures. You can even use these neat devices called Snappis. They have teeth-like grips on either side to hold the diaper in place. As the name suggests, inserts are placed inside, whereas the prefolds are already outfitted with these. The flat variety is very much alive, too.

I decided to try some. I just ordered two from Lovely Pocket Diapers. I hope that I love them as much as many other mothers have. I will definitely keep everyone posted.


Here, Mommy! A poop!

I had a Twinfamy moment.

In John’s archives, I noticed he mentioned his son handed him a special gift whilst on the phone. I was on the couch for this one.

Those who know me IRL know that I have long days staying at home with the kids. Daddy J is usually gone from 7:30-6 or 6:30. Yesterday was no different.

We have resumed potty training A1. Yesterday had a rough start (mostly for me), but then she did it—she peed!!!! I have never been so happy about seeing urine—well, until now.

I was sitting on the couch. I forget whatever activity I was previously engaged in, but after playing near the coffee table a couple of feet away, my little girl came to see me.

“Here, Mommy! A poop.”

Oh, jeez. I couldn’t even thank her. I’m not sure I want any more poops.

“Ok, honey. We don’t touch poop.” I promptly flushed it and the two of us washed our hands.

Today, she handed me an orange ball and a pink ball. A much more pleasant gift exchange.


DIY No Slip Socks

I have perused my Pinterest boards, and found a great way to make what I refer to as “grippy socks.” Some genius, who most likely remains unknown, created these awesome things. Carter’s and Faded Glory (Walmart) happen to be my favorite .

What about the socks that don’t have a non-skid surface? Why, you can create your own, of course!

I bought puffy paint (Tulip brand—old school!) for .$75 each. Then, I went to work.



Mama J’s work will knock your socks off.

I pulled A1’s socks out first, since she’s running around all over the place. A2’s socks will be done at a later time. I just bought her some Grow With Me ones, so that will be interesting. Craft on!


Put Shoes On It.

As the slangin’ folk usually say, it’s been a hot minute. We had a yard sale last weekend. Onesies and sleep ‘n’ plays left our tables by the armful on Saturday; on Sunday, not so much. All in all, it went well, $200+ later.

A couple of weeks ago, A1 wanted to go outside. She always says, “Go outside, play! Go outside, play!” Back in the cave speak days, I used tell her to sit on my lap, put a sweatshirt on, and put her shoes on, sometimes while feeling like I am wrestling an octopus.

This time, she really wanted my attention.

“Mommy! Go outside, play!” Then she lifted her bare feet. “Put shoes awn it!” (Yes, that is her actual pronunciation of the word “on”.)

I eventually noticed that other things were “awn.” I was changing her diaper and she saw her My Little Ponies (my vintage ’80s and ’90s ones, which were the only toys my mom kept) in the transparent storage bin next to her closet. “Dere’s ponies awn it.”

If you liked it, then you should’ve put shoes awn it.


Mean Ladies: A Non-Exhaustive List

Malificent is definitely the female foil of satan…


Rarely do I experience more drama in my household than when the Twins are deciding which movie to watch. As the Movie Selection Committee consists of two highly opinionated two-year-olds, the deliberation process has been known to inspire tears, tiny fistfights, and even the occasional airborne DVD case. In fact, these pre-movie events often rival the actual movies in both intensity and entertainment value. However, once white smoke emanates from our chimney, alerting the throngs of onlookers and international press gathered on our street that a film has finally been chosen, my daughter invariably reminds me:

“I don’t like the Mean Lady.”

This is because in just about every movie we’re currently watching, she has found a female character that terrifies her, and the moment any of these Mean Ladies are onscreen, she’ll literally run away from the TV to find me (yes, even when I’m on the toilet) and…

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