My Adventures in Fluff

My cloth diapers, aka “fluffy mail” started arriving a few days ago. My grand total so far is seven.


Ladies and gentlemen, the first batch!

So far, I have seven diapers. They are pockets, hybrids, and PUL covers. I also have prefolds that didn’t cost me a dime. How? Refer yourself to this video:

I actually don’t fold mine into thirds, but it still works. A2 is what they call a “heavy wetter”, so I put an insert in the body of the shirt where her legs would be. I have diaper pins from my baby shower, so I’ve been using those until my Snappi arrives. If you haven’t seen one, it is an ingenious device created by Bummis, a Scottish cloth diaper company. It is Y shaped (as seen in the above video), and can be stretched to fit various types of prefold material (including my old Aeropostale t-shirts). Each side features grips that adhere to the material, allowing the diaper to stay closed beneath a PUL cover.

I think prefolds are great for daytime use at home. I thought they would be the hardest diapering style to use, but I was proven wrong yesterday. Once you get the diaper secure, it’s a snap—or an aplix hook and loop, depending on the closure.

My first cover is a Tots Bots aplix with a PUL outer. It was formally an all-in-one, but I will elaborate on this later. I used long and short sleeved shirts for this, and nothing has leaked. When I didn’t have any clean inserts, I put a Gerber diaper cover over it, just like my mom did back in the day. It worked!

Hybrids are fabulous for nighttime use. The petal soaker (double-quadruple thickness) is great–no leaks! If it’s dry enough in the morning or after a nap, I can remove the insert and add a new one! Super convenient! If we have an A3 (we’re still deciding), I will exclusively cloth diaper that baby. (When A2 is A1’s age, we’ll know.)

Pocket diapers work well. Many of these already have a PUL outer, and in some cases, like Lovely Pocket Brand, already come with a microfiber insert. If it’s not soaked through, just toss it in the laundry and grab another! Easy peasy.

I will be doing a product review of all the diapers I have purchased thus for, so keep your eyes peeled for these! Until we fluff again!

❤️ Mama J


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