Monkey-See, Monkey-Do, Monkey Throw Poo-poo At You

A great entry about our little emulators!


Over the last couple years, it seems our privacy as Americans is in question.  People seem obsessed with whether or not their phones, personal computers, or private lives are being spied on.  These rumors about being watched have become a trend I hear about almost daily on NPR.

Currently trending in my house, baby dolls.  Emily is NUTS for baby dolls.  She has a natural nurturing streak.  The other day, I caught her tucking her doll snugly into the doll crib with blankets she purloined from her own bed.  She bent and tenderly kissed dolly on the forehead.

“Nigh nigh beebee,” she cooed.  “Hush, beebee.”

I gasped, clutching my heart with tears in my eyes as I watched her play out our nightly bedtime ritual with her doll.  I mentally patted myself on the back for modeling love and compassion in a way that enabled her to learn how to…

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