DIY No Slip Socks

I have perused my Pinterest boards, and found a great way to make what I refer to as “grippy socks.” Some genius, who most likely remains unknown, created these awesome things. Carter’s and Faded Glory (Walmart) happen to be my favorite .

What about the socks that don’t have a non-skid surface? Why, you can create your own, of course!

I bought puffy paint (Tulip brand—old school!) for .$75 each. Then, I went to work.



Mama J’s work will knock your socks off.

I pulled A1’s socks out first, since she’s running around all over the place. A2’s socks will be done at a later time. I just bought her some Grow With Me ones, so that will be interesting. Craft on!


Operation Hoard Deconstruction

I am tired as hell, so I will be succinct. My MIL has a shopping addiction. No, she does not live here (thank God). She has been buying clothes for our girls since I was pregnant with A1. She buys ahead. She buys on sale. She buys when you ask. She buys when you tell her to stop. She buys on weekdays. She buys on weekends. Anyway, you get the picture (or, you will get a revised version of it in a few seconds).

I packed eleven bins full of clothes for both my kids in three hours (split shifts during nap time and Daddy J’s QT with the kids). Yes, you read that correctly. This comprises newborn-24 months (A1 is in 24 months/2T/small-running 3T) and A2 is in 6-9 months/small-running 12 month clothes. There are also coats (<—all purchased by me), footwear of all kinds, hats, and gloves. Tomorrow, I shall tackle the toys. The fun never ends.
Photo evidence: