Meet the Family!

Mama J–SAHM, former sales consultant who resigned from her position 5/15/12 to take care of the A kids. Other than family time, she enjoys cooking, writing poetry and prose, listening to music, walks around the neighborhood, couponing, and crafting.
Daddy J–A high school American history teacher and after-school mentor. He is also a guitarist who loves all three of his girls (this is required in an estrogen-filled household).
A1(Alyssa): A 24 lb., 36″ tall, beautiful, intelligent blue eyed/blonde princess who loves Elmo, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Mama, Daddy, Sister, listening to music (usually Soundgarden), stacking blocks and other objects, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, her play kitchen, going down the Little Tikes slide, kicking her soccer ball, pretending to make her stuffed dog go on her potty, all dogs (this includes barking and growling at them at a distance as well as petting them), and winning over her parents.
A2 (Astyn, pronounced with a short ‘a’ sound, as in “add” and the second syllable is pronounce “STIN”, as in the v beginning of the word “stint”. Her name is the feminine derivative of the British name Aston, which means “Eastern town.”): A cute, bubbly, chubby 16.4 pound baby girl who loves to show her gums when she smiles, vocalize in response to conversation, roll around on the floor, get kisses, be tickled, nurse with Mama, hang out with Daddy, and see what her older sister is doing.


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