Church and Preschoolers

A year ago, I was nine months pregnant (exactly) and attended Christmas Eve church service with a 17-month-old. I refused to go, but Daddy J insisted. It was annoying then. Everyone kept asking me if I was ok. NO! I have pelvic girdle syndrome, I’m hot, I’m huge, I’m sick of people asking me questions, and my toddler is being an asshole. Ugh.

Fast forward to A1’s Sunday School play.

The play was cute. A1 was an angel, and she did a good job. Then, we had to sit through the service.

A2 is almost one. She is a pain when it comes to sitting still. She is the poster child for the “go go go” baby. She squirms. She cries. She makes noise. She acts up if there isn’t a boob in her mouth. I can never pay attention to the service. It’s annoying and embarrassing.

I really despise going to church now. It isn’t fun. Coffee hour is the only good part. I can finally have an adult conversation—WITH ADULTS!! We stay for a short time, and then we have to leave. I feel like a contestant from Survivor who has just left the island, sunburnt and wasted from days of starvation. I lived!

It was much the same as Daddy J’s alumni concert. I don’t think I can take them to any location that isn’t Walmart, the grocery store, relatives’ houses, or anywhere that has distractions for kids.

My AIL was stupid enough to ask if we brought toys. Yes, we bring fucking toys. I’m pretty sure her behavior won’t change.


VBS Time!

After some insistence from my MIL, learning that the Sunday school teacher is head organizer, and a dash of “why the hell not”, I have decided to take A1 to Vacation Bible School. It should be fun. She has been more social with kids on the playground, in the store, and wherever we go.

The most recent (two and a half weeks ago, while I was in a friend’s wedding) gem about her speech came from my MIL. “She was afraid at first, but man, J, after a while, did she open up.” This is only what I’ve been trying to tell her for weeks. She talks, but she still has plenty of semantic pauses (unh unh enh enh…you know, Caveman speak). We went to the local park, and she had a great time. She went over to say hello to a couple of kids who were around 4 or so.

She’s been counting a lot, sometimes without prompting. It all started in her crib. “Unh, doo, thee…” Now, she can count to 14 consistently, and even made it to 20 on the park swing! Hopefully she will enjoy the activities and the kids. Sometimes, I’m nervous about it, otherwise, not so much.

Another mutual friend of my SIL, K, and her daughter, also an A, will be in attendance. SIL and little M will be there, and MIL is doing snacks.

It’s a three-day program, so hopefully she will do well!