Let the Nighttime Binky Fit Begin!

Here we are, watching the Daily Show and listening to A1 lament about the binky. I cleverly bounced her on my knee while I sneaked the latest one into the garbage. She keeps finding them on the floor, and I keep tossing them when she isn’t looking. It is less traumatizing for everyone that way.

Hopefully I can confiscate all of them tomorrow.


The Beginning of the End of Binkies

I took A1 for her two year appointment a couple of days ago. The ped looked at her, and determined she was developmentally and physically fine. She got her hemocrit and hep A vaccination.

There was only one request:

Get rid of the pacifier.

He should have said, “Prepare for war.”
I’ve had the mountain of meltdowns. She is mad about the binky. She is mad that Sister gets all the baby food and she has to wait for a taste. She is mad that I dare put sunscreen on her or take her out of the 94 degree weather for a drink and time in the AC. I had to put her in time out to calm down. She screamed in her crib before naptime.

Sorry, kid. No malocclusion for you. I want you to have normally developing teeth and progressive speech. As I type this sentence, she has abandoned her quietude to scream again.

Pacifiers are cute when babies have them. Never did I dream it would be such a pain in the ass to get rid of them. She has a blanket, but I guess that’s not sufficient. Cocktail, anyone?

A2 is sitting here nursing like the world has stopped. At least we’re still calm.


Binky Weaning Chronicles

So far, no dice. It’s been an hour and a half, and A1 is on a napping strike. We are watching Pound Puppies—again.

Cutting the tip of the pacifier hasn’t worked. She is still chewing on it. I will cut more next time, and hopefully she will lose interest. Otherwise, it’s time for a new tactic.

UPDATE: We gave her another (intact) pacifier for the night. I will take her out to pick a replacement toy. Hopefully this will work.


Big Girl Things

A1 has been a “binky baby” since birth. She is starting to talk, so I’ve tried to limit her pacifier use to naps and bedtime. Today, I am going to try eliminating the pacifier all together.

It is nap time, and she has gone from screaming to growling at her stuffed dogs. Daddy J bought her a booster seat, so hopefully this will help her feel like the special big girl she is.

Hopefully, she won’t wake up her little sister. Luckily, babies have a comatose level of sleep, so hopefully she’s in REM and won’t notice.