Product Review: Sassybumz Hybrid, Juliette

The first cloth diaper I ever tried was a Sassybumz hybrid. Manufactured in the U.S. (California), by mom Shannon Workman, this finely crafted diaper is guaranteed to hold leaks in during naps, bedtime, or anytime.

My design is Juliette, a beautiful floral pattern in a field of powder blue. The snap-in stocking inserts are fantastic.

Like many cloth diapers, you can find them on Hyena Cart. Get some here:

You can also join the Sassybumz Facebook page here: https://m.facebook.com/SassyBumz

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Product Review: You! Lingerie Nursing Bras

Earlier this year, I decided to splurge on a You! Lingerie nursing bra. It was from the Basically You collection. I love the fact that it’s a neutral color combined with bright orange,one of my favorites, beneath a lace overlay. You also can’t beat the support—we’ve all worn the run-of-the-mill wire-free versions from department stores. This is the first wire-free bra I’ve ever worn with supportive cups. I actually regain some of the lift I’ve lost when I wear it (we all know what pregnancy can do to the body—a slight decrease in gravity!).

This is a very comfortable bra that can be worn with a variety of shirts and dresses. The hooks can be unhooked and refastened with one hand, which is always the most important feature in my book.

What would I change about this product? Nothing. In fact, I’m ready to see what else they release. I think the Isis Blue bra is gorgeous. In fact, I may even order that one next.

What I would suggest to You! Lingerie is the idea of a convertible strapless bra, just like the non-nursing version we all know. Keep the same great features with extra support at the bottom, of course, to prevent slippage. I have a strapless nursing bra from the La Leche League. It works well for nursing, but shows in low-backed dresses and some v-neck tops. I’d love to have the same silhouette that a regular strapless bra gives me.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this one’s a ten. I think this can definitely make all us want to “put a pink bow on it!”


Photo Credit: You! Lingerie Facebook page.

My photo to follow!


Felix Culpa Turned Product Review

Many moons ago (or so it seems), MIL bought me a Graco DuoGlide stroller. I was four weeks pregnant with A2 at the time. She told me it was a jogging stroller. I previously owned an Instep, so I assumed this was a side-by-side unit. Two days ago, after calling Daddy J and asking what we were doing (walking around the block with A1 in the stroller and A2 in my Infantino carrier), she got upset about the DuoGlide’s residency in our garage.

My best friend, J.S., talked to me about the concept of “happy little accidents”, hence the title of this post. One example would be discovering the Fisher-Price Pink Sparkles Tub does indeed have a drain. Damn. I spent six months flipping the thing over, and thought absolutely nothing of it.

I was talking to one of our neighbors across the street when Daddy J opened the stroller, and it unfolded vertically!!!! Holy shit! It’s a tandem. I’ve complained to EVERYONE about the thing being a traditional jogger for MONTHS—“Why couldn’t DJ’s mom get me a tandem? She never asks me what I want, she just buys it.” This is true—-of everything else. She was right this time. Score: Mama J-0 MIL-1. Usually my score is 100. I’ve gained enough humility in my life to concede to small victories. Oh, well. I told her I’d use it now, and I will. Today it began, and a product review will follow. Cheers!