The World According to A1: Elmo Gets A Sex Change

So, another morning begins in the A house. A2 is already awake, fed, and sitting in her Exersaucer. I venture into A1’s room and greet a groggy A1, who makes to make sure (as is custom) her blanket and litany of select stuffed animals make it out of the crib.

I change her soggy Pull-Up, and she points to her private area. “Lady parts”, she says. “Yes, those are your lady parts,” I replied. As I changed her, she picked up her stuffed Elmo.

Elmo has lady parts, too.

I laughed, perhaps a little too hard. “Mommy laughing?” She said, incredulous. I told her I was laughing with her, not at her, and that Elmo
is a boy with boys’ private parts.

She wasn’t convinced. “Elmo has lady parts, too.”

I decided to redirect her. “Abby (Cadabby) is a girl. She has lady parts.”

“Abby! Where’s Abby?”

Abby, unfortunately, is buried under some toys in our PnP. Ain’t nobody got time for that, but Elmo’s got time for lady parts.


Here, Mommy! A poop!

I had a Twinfamy moment.

In John’s archives, I noticed he mentioned his son handed him a special gift whilst on the phone. I was on the couch for this one.

Those who know me IRL know that I have long days staying at home with the kids. Daddy J is usually gone from 7:30-6 or 6:30. Yesterday was no different.

We have resumed potty training A1. Yesterday had a rough start (mostly for me), but then she did it—she peed!!!! I have never been so happy about seeing urine—well, until now.

I was sitting on the couch. I forget whatever activity I was previously engaged in, but after playing near the coffee table a couple of feet away, my little girl came to see me.

“Here, Mommy! A poop.”

Oh, jeez. I couldn’t even thank her. I’m not sure I want any more poops.

“Ok, honey. We don’t touch poop.” I promptly flushed it and the two of us washed our hands.

Today, she handed me an orange ball and a pink ball. A much more pleasant gift exchange.


Put Shoes On It.

As the slangin’ folk usually say, it’s been a hot minute. We had a yard sale last weekend. Onesies and sleep ‘n’ plays left our tables by the armful on Saturday; on Sunday, not so much. All in all, it went well, $200+ later.

A couple of weeks ago, A1 wanted to go outside. She always says, “Go outside, play! Go outside, play!” Back in the cave speak days, I used tell her to sit on my lap, put a sweatshirt on, and put her shoes on, sometimes while feeling like I am wrestling an octopus.

This time, she really wanted my attention.

“Mommy! Go outside, play!” Then she lifted her bare feet. “Put shoes awn it!” (Yes, that is her actual pronunciation of the word “on”.)

I eventually noticed that other things were “awn.” I was changing her diaper and she saw her My Little Ponies (my vintage ’80s and ’90s ones, which were the only toys my mom kept) in the transparent storage bin next to her closet. “Dere’s ponies awn it.”

If you liked it, then you should’ve put shoes awn it.


A Day in the Life

A1 “stunts” at the table while A2 looks at the camera

The As hanging out on the couch

A2 catches up on her reading. Her book of choice? Baby Touch and Feel Farm, of course. She also sat unsupported for the first time today (she decided to flop down and roll over when I grabbed my phone).

Big cheesin’: A1 swings at the neighbors’.

A2 on the baby swing.


Calling All Parents/Followers! Survey!

Hey, guys!! I love this blog, and the success it’s had so far helping all of you and my family/friends who have seen it! I want to ask you what I can do to improve or enhance it. I know some of the things I’ve shared are enjoyable for all of us, but I want this to be a great source for all of you! I welcome and appreciate your feedback. Thanks again! Cheers!


Product Review: NUBY Grow With Me Sippy Cup

My MIL came over yesterday, and asked us if we wanted this sippy. I figured I’d try it, and if A2 disapproved, I would give it to another mom.

It’s yellow, which a cute color for a girl. I like the concept of transitioning spouts by age. A2 wasn’t thrilled, unfortunately. She chewed on the spout most of the time.

The first spout is, essentially, a nipple with a wider hole. She gave that the biggest chew. The second is your standard Nuby spout. She could get some BM out, but she mostly let it run down her face.

I can’t really give anything a poor rating, because babies are picky about bottles and sippy cups.

I will give this product a 7 out of 10.

—The yellow one in the back is the one we have. Image taken from Walmart.com