Mama J’s Travel Tips For Two Under 2/Two Little Ones (LOs)

Some trips are more necessary than others, and some special occasions require that you haul your small fries on short notice. Here’s how I roll when I travel:

Mama J’s Essentials (Like a boss!)

1. Wipes. If it’s in the Mama J bag, it’s the Huggies travel-sized variety. Less is more, and compact storage is in demand.
2. Diapers/training pants/underwear for PT toddlers. Keep the greatest amount in your big diaper bag, and then replenish your quick trips bag (QTB) as you go.
3. Extra clothes, all types. Pack an outfit for warm weather for each child, then include pants and sweatshirts for easy layering. In winter, choose only tee shirts and long sleeve tees/hoodies for this, since your go-to bottoms will be pants. This way, you can strip your kid down indoors. Remove winter coats immediately upon entering buildings. Keep gloves/mittens in coat pockets or diaper bag (DB) compartments. Socks for all seasons.
4. Small snacks. Use sandwich bags and plastic storage containers. Use sippy cups or sports bottles for toddlers.
5. Small toys. Mini board books, Fisher-Price electronic books, rattles for infants, tug toys, rattle/teether combos, etc. When else fails, sing songs, use your smartphone, or just be silly.
6. Pacifiers for “binky babies”. Pacifier keepers if you are outdoors.
7. A small bottle of travel head-to-toe J&J body wash and lotion.
8. Travel diaper rash cream. I like Desitin or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.
9. Orajel. ‘Nuff said.
10. Bibs and eating utensils. Vital Baby makes a nice bowl with a lid and insert for a spoon, which is great for babies. Wash it out and use a fork, and it will work for toddlers.
11. Baby food in sandwich bags, so it doesn’t leak.
12. Sunblock.
13. Insect repellent for children 6 months and older if you will be at a park or other outdoor venue for a long period of time. Skintastic is great.
14. Baby food jars and toddler food. Gerber or Beech Nut squeeze packs work well. Beech Nut Steamies are great for toddlers.


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