My Thoughts On: MTV’s Teen Mom Series

I watched Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 (as well as 16 and Pregnant) before I had this blog. Why, you ask? I wanted to gain insight into something I had never experienced. I knew a few teen mothers in high school, but was of the mindset (at the time) that they had made a mistake. The mistake, of course, was having unprotected sex. I wondered if their parents were babysitting their kids while they went to school. I thought it was weird.

I was newly married when the first season of Teen Mom aired. My favorite moms from that season are Maci and Catelynn. I think they are the most responsible, however, I think my age is starting to show, because when I saw MTV’s recent special, Being Maci, I was slightly annoyed. I guess ‘Being Maci’ is drinking and partying, I thought. Then, I realized something. What the hell what I doing nine years ago, when I was 21? Some of the same things, while I, like her, was attending college.

Should it really surprise me that she is playing beer pong and going to clubs? I guess not. I wish they would have shown more scenes of her going to school and discussing her plans for the future. She is studying the same things I did. You can do plenty with a Communication degree, and the media track is purportedly her choice. Amber Portwood is violent and Farrah Abraham is a whore. The end.

Teen Mom 2 is quite the train wreck. Jenelle is on drugs, moving in with boys she’s known for five minutes, and constantly fighting with her mom, Barbara, who is just as toxic. I don’t really hold out much hope for her. Chelsea would succeed if she quit going back to Adam and stayed in cosmetology school. It’s a good thing that her dad, Randy, is there to save her. Kailyn is interesting. Her relationship with her mother is screwy. They hardly communicate, and yet she thinks she is entitled to seeing Isaac. Susie goes all DWIL on Kailyn’s ass, telling her she has the right to see her grandson. Okaaaaaaaay. Leah seems to be settling in with Jeremy, the twins, and her newest addition, Addalynn. Let’s hope she stays put.

On to Teen Mom 3. I like Katie so far. She’s going to school and working. She openly EBFs, and according to my research, breastfed until Molli was 16 months old! Great job, mama. Joey, her (according to my online research), ex-fiancé, seemed ok. He seems like a typical, apathetic teenage boy. Alex seems to be a decent girl, but she definitely needs to control her outbursts. Matt’s drug problem is a giant red flag, and according to the previews for this season, he overdoses. She needs to file for sole custody, STAT. Mackenzie is very sweet, and is a good mom to Gannon (I love the name!). She and Josh just got married, so I hope they can last. I can’t imagine these kids dealing with some of things us “older” (since they were born when I was 14!) couples do. Briana has the most supportive mom and sister, and the second worst baby daddy on the snow. She should also file for sole custody and focus on graduating from high school.


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