My Adventures in Fluff Pt. II

Greetings, my friends! The rampant stomach flu just made it’s descent on the A home this week. I’m on day four of my Z-pack (azithromycin).

So far, I have anywhere from 26-30 diapers in my collection. As I recall, I assessed my favorite types according to ease of use, time of day, &c.

Here, in no particular order, are my favorite brands:

1. GroVia. This is a light weight diaper in beautiful, vibrant colors that has an easy snap insert. Its versatility is what makes it stand out—daytime, naptime, nighttime, grandma time—everybody got time ‘fo dat. They’re expensive, but worth the money.
2. Sassybumz. This hybrid is made in America (California) by an entrepreneur and mother of three. Great petal inserts, all snap in, and super thick. The patterns are adorable. Mine is the Juliette. This is the perfect naptime and bedtime diaper for heavy wetters.
3. Little Fancy Pants. Very similar to Sassybumz, but has a stocking insert, which is also very thick.
4. Coolababy. This one has easy aplix hook and loop closures for squirmy babies. Their snaps are a pain in the neck, though.

More to come! Stay tuned. 🙂


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