Love you!

I have been working with A1 on her speech, as all of you know from a previous post, and now I am happy to report that I’ve seen the language explosion progression. I also have learned a few things.

A 23 1/2 month old is talking more than you know. I think part of it is the epiphany the parents have: finally understanding what your child is saying.

Had the bowl of blueberries not been in front of A1, I wouldn’t have realized it she said, “Blueberry.” Sometimes, the only language I hear is Caveman. There is definite language barrier there. She also said, “I want it!”, and her longest sentence yet: “Oh wow, the bubbles!” I am so proud of her.

So now I don’t have to worry about that as much. A few days ago, I was exercising my brain, researching all sorts of websites for the average number of words 18-24 month olds say. Well, she’ll be two on the 11th, and she says 40 words. I’m not sure exactly how many phrases, but when I hear a new one, I add it to the memo on my iPhone. I like to keep track, in case I see something that could signal a delay or an area in which she would need more work. Being apart of the special education system taught me what the signs are.

One day, she walked over to the coffee table. I gave her a kiss. She kissed me back and said, “Luh you!” Moments like these make me remember why I love being her mom.


2 thoughts on “Love you!

  1. Best thing ever! I’m really enjoying reading a blog from a mother who is experiencing similar things to myself! I appreciate your humor and knowledge and look forward to reading more in the future!! Thanks Mamma J!

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